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eight of her forward cabins just as Admiral de Roebeck and General Braithwaite and several other officers were going on board. I returned to Imbros in the evening

Wednesday July 7th
At Imbros. Went to G.H.Q. Bettleheim came over to stop with me for a couple of days. He reports further shelling of Lancashire Landing and it seems to be getting on his nerves as well as on everyone else's.

Thursday July 8th
At Imbros. Worked all day on an article on Lancashire Landing.I have not been well ever since I landed. The heat is very great and everyone suffers from stomach trouble. The flies are a pest for they swarm round one in thousands. I shall be very very glad when it is all over. So will everyone else. It is just sheer slaughter for the infantry who have a rotten time. The casua ties everywhere grow by leaps and bounds. When and how will it all end.

Friday July 9th
Bettleheim and myself went over to visit Anzac this morning. On arrival I had a long talk with General Birdwood who had just been vaccinated against cholera and was laid up. He is a remarkable man for he sets his troops an example in everything bathing with them living amongst them visiting the trenches and undergoing inoculation against every species of complaint as an exaple for them to follow. I had a long and very interesting talk with him on the whole situation. He seems hopeful for the future and says his men have got the whip hand of the Turks. He then discribed the future plan of campaign in full. His idea is to get

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