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Wayley again and then motored down to W Beach to catch the 4pm Trawler for Imbros. There we found great gloom because a shell had burst right in the signal office at 12 -30 killing six and badly wounding 7others and completely smashing up all the signals. I never saw a worse smash up. Only four inside at the time escaped without injury. The place was a shambles. Just as we got off the beach on the Trawler the Turks started shelling again causing everyone to dash for cover. It seems impossible to knock out these guns behind Achi Baba which are supposed to be concealed in tunnels and only run out to fire.

Monday July 2nd
On arriving back at Imbros I learnt that Phillip de Crespigny had called upon me. He commands one of the small new Monitors No 32. In the afternoon I went down and got on board and found him just the same as ever. We had a great many cocktails I am sorry to say and then went on to the Raglan and had another with Melvil Ward. I was unable to stay to dinner as I had invited Howrd de Walden to dine. The Captain therefore put me ashore in his boat. On arriving back in camp I found a Major Radcliffe who has come out from England to look after all correspondents. This is the blow I have felt has been hanging over us so long and which May mean the curtailment of all our freedom of movement. If this is the case and we are made to go round in a body I shall not stay long but shall return home. After dinner I had a consultation with Nevinson and Ross and we decided to go over and see Sir Ian Hamilton on the following day and lay the whole matter before him so as to find out exactly where we stand. I feel it is necessary to strike before any new rules and regulations are made.

Current Status: