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of the 9th Corps to make good the positions in there front. He said that without the capture of the W Hills it would have been impossible for him to have remained on the crest of Chunuk Bair. He said his total losses were 375 officers and 10,138 rank and file in the operations on the lfet [left] and over 2000 in the taking and holding of Lone Pine Plateau. At the 10th Division they told me there losses were 165 officers and over 3000 men whilst the 11th Division lost 201 officers and 4300 men. This does not take into account the losses of the 53rd Division which was also in action and the losses at Helles. The total casualties therefore cannot be much under 28,000 an appaling total for the gains which as General Godley expressed it amounted to some 500 acres of bad grazing ground. Or as the Chief of the Staff of the 10th Division put it. 'There are now three sieges instead of two'. Well we have now got hold of most of the bathing resorts on the coast.

Tuesday August I7th
This morning I was up at 5-30 am although very weary and started transcribing notes f om Gen. Godley's report. It took me three hours and a half to extract all the ore. Then as I had arranged on the previous evening I went round with Chernside Birdwood's A.D.C and visited the newly captured Lone Pine Position. The Turks had made this a veritable fortJress and the Australians fought desperately to get it and hold it. Over one thousand corpses were taken from the trenches alone whilst the dead lie thick in the open. Was it worth it. I think not. However it did divert the enemy's attentoon to this point. S,ells dead maggots debris everywhere. Heard the loss of the Royal Edward and 1000 lives sunk by

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