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pm Trawler. On arrival I found that three other Correspondents had arrived. Nevinson for Ptovincial Press, Russell for Reuter's and a terrible Jew Boy called Mosely for the Central News. They were over at Helles when I got back but returned in the evening exhausted and already sick of the campaign. I found two new monitors had come in the Abercrombie and the Robert. They are strange looking vessels build to withstand torpedo attack and carry two great fourteen inch guns each. Great results are hoped from them bit they are very slow only making 6 knots so I am afraid they will be of little use against the 4 knot Dardanelles current. However they will be able to bombard the enemy's positions and thus take the place of the battleships. With thes vessels we shall once more regain command of the sea it is hoped. The muddles which take place here are too extraordinary for words. A Brigade of the 29th Div which is to have a rest arrived at Imbros instead of going to Mudros.

Part of the I3th Division of Kitchener's Army under General Shaw has arrived at Helles. By the way General Egerton Commanding the Lowland Division has gone sick or else has been removed and General Shaw was sent up to take the command on the second day of the fight. The three war correspondents had to come out with the Kings Messenger via Athens and brought no stores so I shall have some more people living on me I suppose. The sending of the I3th Division to Helles makes it look as if they intended that Achi Baba should eat up that Division as well as so many others. The appetite of that mountain is insatiable. Nevinson says everyone is depressed in England and they are hpoing for a big victory out here. Poor deluded fools.

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