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August. 27th to September 1st
During this period I remained at Suvla busy writing and on various jobs but very weary and dispirited. No one seems to know what is going to happen. It is obvious that this army can do no more fighting and unless Bulgaria comes in we shall be stuck here for the winter which is a pleasant outlook in damp trenches many of which will have to be abandoned. There are signs that the weather is already breaking for we have had a series of storms of late and the old sailors tell you how impossible it will be to keep the armies supplied in winter time. They probably do not know what they are talking about and I believe the work can be carried on even if communication with the shore is broken for certain periods.

There is a general feeling of discontent on all sides and nothing will restore the morale and confidence of the army until we have a change of leadership. G.H.Q have not got a single friend in the army. Never have I heard such outspoken criticisms. We are buyoed up from time to time by rumours, always false, of the active participation of Greece and Bulgaria in the War. Venezelos it is said will reestablish the Balkan League and that Servia and Greece will be willing to make Bulgaria concessions in Macedonia. On the following day you hear that there is a likelehood of Bulgaria coming in against us. It is a strange irony of fate that Bulgaria should now hold all the trump cards in her hands. I gave a dinner to Golonel Hawker Colonel Weston, the new Camp Commandant Jack Churchill de Crespigny and Melvil Ward. It was pronounced a great success. Most nights I go off and dine with Phillip on his Monitor No 32 and he

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