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At six o'clock I motored back to London with Sir Edward and then went on down to the Daily Telegraph Office to see Harry Lawson. I found him arrayed in the unoform of the Bucks Hussars as he has been called back to the colours to command the reserve regiment. He received me most affably and said he thoroughly approved of my return and had cabled to that effect to Malta but I never received his cable before my departure. We discussed a great many interesting matters connected with the war. There seems to be a perfect maze of intrigues at home between the Frenoh and Kitchener Factions. It was Colonel a Court's letter about ammunition in the times which finally caused the Government to give up the struggle and made a coalition inevitable. But in any c case they could not have survived an exposure of the truth about the Dardanelles expedition.

Harry Lawson told me to come to the meeting of the newspapers proprietors on Wednesday as they wished to thank me for my services and to discuss one or two matters. I then went to the Carlton Hotel and dined with Gina after which we went on to Ciro's of which I found myself a member so I was able to get in. However there were not many people there and a kind of dullness seems to have come over night life in London caused by the heavy demands of the war and the fact that members are no longer allowed to go there in uniform.

Monday June 7th
I soon discovered I was not to be allowed to have a peaceful week in which to get a new outfit and see a few friends. My arrival from the Dardanelles became immediately generally known and I was not let alone
for second. I quickly discovered there were many political factions w who wished to get hold of the truth to use it for their own purposes

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