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arrived with his Brigade of the Scottish Horse. They lost 38 killed and wounded landing on G beach from Shell fire. On single shell killed 113 Mules a few days ago. This makes the prospects for the winter look well. Afterwards Brooks and I took some excellent Cinemetograph Pictures of various scenes. I do hope they will come out well. That evening I dined with two Naval Officers on A Beach and had atalk with Unwin who has got his V.C. I am glad to say. He was furious in his denunciations of the chronic mismanagement all round. His hatred of Hamilton and Braithwaite is only excelled by Granard's. They are going to shift the beach down to the point where I have my camp as they say they will be invisible to the enemy and less under the fire of his guns. But on returning there I found a big shell had burst right on this point knocking out three men. As usual there are the wildest rumours flying around the latest being that the Fleet is going to make another effort to force the Dardanelles.

Saturday September 4th.
I sailed at 9-30 for Kephalos. The A.P.M came and saw me and said he would assign me a new sight for my camp. Found Nevinson and Lawrence had returned. In the evening went bathing and met Admiral de Roebeck and Roger Keyes looking like nothing human and they certainly did not appear as if they intended to force the Dardanelles or anything else for that matter.
Sunday September 5th
At Imbros. Worked a bit dined on board the Raglan. No news except that the Germans seem to be doing just what they like with the unfortunate [Russians]

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