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[com]fortable finding himself sitting on the same side with them. In the evening I dined at the Ritz with Freddy Guest who wanted to hear all I had to say with the purpose as I knew well of passing it all on to Winston. He particularly wished me to lunch with Winston the next day and I said I would although I had promised the date to Lady Paget.

October I5th.
One of the conditions of my agreement with the Sunday Times was that I should write them three articles on the Situation in the Near East. This morning they sent round a representative to interview me. I determined to give them the strongest interview possible stating the true facts to the public. This I did and then went off to lunch with his mother's house. I found his mother his wife Jack wife Lady Goonie and Marsh his Secretary. Winston was late. On arriving he greeted me in a friendly manner and appears to be much happier than when I last saw him.

After lunch we had a long talk and Freddy Guest who had com e in was also present. I found Winston to my disgust has learnt but little wisdom from his experiences and had apparently taken but little to heart the lessons I had endevoured to tell him when I was last over here. I found him still full of his absurd ideas on the whole Expedition and still persisting in his statement that the Fleet alone might have forced the Narrows had it but been allowed to make another effort. He told me the Cabinet was still undecided as to what to do whether to wothdraw or to go on. He said 'I myself would be in favour of withdrawal if I could be convinced the expedition really stands no chance of ever succeeding' I reiterated all the facts once again and told him

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