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August 20th
This day I remained at Imbros working on a long article on the recent fighting at Anzac. I had completed this and then went down to have a bathe when I met Delme-Radeliffe who was on his way to visit us with the information that we ought to go to Suvla Bay next morning. He would not say what was going to happen but only committed himself to the statement that we would be in time. I had therefore to call off my bathe and to make preperations for departure.

August 21st
We left this morning for Suvla but the boat was very late in starting and did not arrive      before ten am. However all was quiet. Nevinson and I went to see General Reid who told us a bombardment would start at 3pm and would be followed by a general attack. This gave us plenty of time to get settled into camp and to have lunch before starting at 12 to walk to Chocolate Hill. On arriving there I found the Colonel of the S.W.Bs and learnt for the first time that the 29th Division had been brought up from Helles to take part in the attack. They were in fact being employed like the Old Guard at Waterloo to make a final effort to break through the enemy's lines. Thi is really using a willing horse beyond reason. The 29th seemed to care but little for the honour which had been conferred on them namely to force a passage for the rest of the army being thoroughly fed up with fighting. However poor devils they had no alternative. For account of attack and battle see elsewhere) This was a very hot day for War Correspondents. Chocolate Hill became the focus of the enemy!s shell fire and you could not lift your head a second above cover without having it bathed in shrapnel

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