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July I9th Monday
I remained at Imbros disgusted with the flies the excessive heat and the wickedness of mankind generally and the inexhaustable stupidty of the censorship. I visited one of the New Monitors the Abercromby but I was not allowed to see much iff of her and the officers struck me as being a very dull and uninteresting crowd

July 20 Tuesday
At Imbros with little or nothing to recrod except that more tents are springing up here and I hear an entire Army Cirps under General Stopford is coming. I learnt at Headquarters that the position of our line today is as follows. On right the French. Then Naval Division. Then 42 nd Lancashire Territorial Division. Then the I3th one of the New Kitchener Divisions on extreme left .The 52nd Lowland Territorial are in reserve whilst the shattered 29th Division which is once again only a brigade strong is at Mudros where I understand are also the 10 th Kitchener Division the rest of the 11th two battalions of which are here and two at Helles but I understand they are to return

Wednesday July 21st
I went to see a Major Myburg a friend of Bettleheim's who is in hospital here suffering from nervous breakdown. He commands one of the battalions of the Naval Division. I found him in a state bordering on collapse. He complains bitterly of the manner in which the Division has been led to the slaughter over and over again and placed in impossible positions. He says the s[m]ell in the captured trenches is something to awful for discription and that it is impossible to dig new trenches on

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