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was very anxious for me to meet Arthur Balfour and said she would try and arrange it if he had a free day. After lunch Gina came to see me but I had to leave her at four to go with de Wend Fenton to see Alfred Butt at the Palace Theatre. We have now arranged that he shall provide a complete cenemetograph outfit for me to take to the Dardanells a d ten thousand feet of film. This will be an immease load to lug round but it will well repay us if only we are able to get some really valuable pictures and at the same time are allowed to use it. The great thing is to get it out there and then to arrange about its use afterwards. I went round that afternoon and had my first lesson. The machine is very neat and compact but the difficult is to load and unload it with film. Otherwise it works automatically with an air engine. However for better or for worse I shall take it. At any rate it costs me nothing.

This evening I dined with Lady Randolph Churchill to meet Winston and his wife. The Lulu Harcourts were also there. I was much surprised in the change that has come over Winston. He looked years older his face was pale his skin flabby and his eyes bloodshot. He seemed etribly upset and depressed. In fact it is obvious to me he has felt his fall keenly . He has come a collossal cropper and will never appear in history as a great statesman but only as an exceedingly clever politican. I. am sorry for him and have always found him a good friend but he only has himself to blame. Had he sat still at the Admiralty and not interfered with the purely naval side of the work he would not have found himself in his present position. But with his domineering nature he liked to interfere in everything and in war matters

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