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Division who expressed themselves very openely on the state of affairs. They complained bitterly of the muddles and of the manner in which their Division had been broken up and its organisation destroyed. Met Granard who reintroduced himself to me and wanted me to send a private letter to Harry Lawson acquainting him with the truth. He told me that he corresponden regularly with the King and could get anything through he liked without censorship.

On leaving 10th Division called on 9th Corps Headquarters and saw the C.O.S General Reid. I had previously known and disliked him in Constantinople. He said Gen Stopford was not very anxious to have any Correspondents with him but had consented to Nevinson and self coming on condition we brought an officer with us. We merely asked that they would give us news from time to time of coming events so that we might be in the right place to see t them. However it was quite easy to see that the atmosphere was not overcharged with friendleness. He promised however to arrange for us to see Stopford on the following day at nine am. This interview never took place for reasons I will explain later. Just as I left The 9th Corps I Caught a glimpse of the General pouring over his Maps evidently trying to discover where his own men and where the enemy where.

Sunday August I5th
At Anafarta. A gale was blowing this morning from the south west. This boasted harbour seems of little value in such a wind and the work of disembarking troops and stores was only being carried on with the utmost difficulty. It does not look to me as if it would be any shelter in
the storms of the autumn and winter. Inhear that the Navy thought they cou d utilise the Salt Lake in the winter. This is a good joke

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