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be of great value at the present time. Will you try and get him back to this country' This really ended the conversation and he said good bye and left. I then hurried off to the Carlton to lunch with de Wend Fenton. The Cenemetograp agreement has now been fixed up. I am to take forty five percent of the profits and Butt is to provide the machine and the film. I was kept very busy the entire afternoon. In the evening Gina came and dines at the Ritz togther with de Wend and we afterwards went on to the Palace to see the Passing Show. I went round and said good bye to the Janises. Elsie is only staying on another two weeks and is returning to America in August. It has been killed by competition and her own foolishness in coming back with the same turns and not playing with others besides Basil Hallam.

This I ascribe to the evil influence of her mother. I then took Gina back to her house and bade her farewell as I shall not see her to-morrow and have such a great deal to do. I shoukd have said that in the afternoon I went back and had a farewell interview with Winston at the Admiralty. He then told me what had passed at the Council that morning, Asquith read out my memorandum which was discussed in detail. He said he hardly heard any reasons advanced against the Bulair landing and that the majority were in favour of it. However he thought they would try first of all to starve out the Turks by sending more submarines. He said that in any case the Cabinet were determined to carry the matter through and would send out the required number of troops. A number of telegrams had been drawn up and sent to our headquarters asking for information on various points.

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