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Diary. May 31st
We arrived at Malta at about nine o'clock. I at once went to see Admiral Limpus but he was not in. However I saw the Flag Captain who gave me a passport to land. I went up to the Club and had a shave and a hair cut and then installed myself at the Osborne Hotel where I had left a suit of clothes and some shirts. Most of the afternoon I was busy looking for clothes and ordering other articles. But I speedily discovered there was little to be had in Malta. I also learnt there was a Massagerie Boat leaving in on the following day for Marseilles and the temptation to return grew on me irresistibably. Congreve advised me to go back as I would miss nothing and I might make myself very useful advising the authorities at home on the true state of affairs at the Dardanelles. That afternoon I received an intimation from the Governor that I was not to send any cables on the situation from Malta withought his express sanction. I knew he had therefore received some word from the General Staff who were above all else anxious that I should not return and speak the truth. This only strengthened my determination to depart. In fact that evening I had already made up my mind. I dined at the Club with Congreve and Falconer the Admiral's Flag Lieutenant who did his utmost to persuade me to return.

Tuesday June 1st
I awoke in the morning with my mind quite made up to depart as I needed a rest and could get nothing I required in Malta. I telephoned through to Admiral Limpus to ask his permission and he requested me to pay him a visit which I did.

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