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Sunday July 11th
I spent the day at Imbros working. I was just on my way down to bathe in the evening when I met General Braithwaite who had ridden over from G.H.Q. to tell me I ought to go to Helles on the following morning as there was going to be a 'Show' He said I might be late but they themselves did not know it was coming off before. I went back to camp and made my preperations accordingly.

Monday July I2th
Left by the seven am trawler for Helles. The boat was as usual late and I did not arrive in time to see the first part of the fight. Broooks the Offical Photographer came with me. We lunched with Bettleheim and in the afternoon went out to watch the fight from the Observation Station of the 52nd Division. Brooks was hit and bruised by a shrapnel bullet. For account of fight see elsewhere. Spent the night at Bettleheim's. Note the long dreary processions of wounded.

Tuesday July I3th
Spent the morning in camp and went out to see the finish of the fight in the afternoon. For account see elsewhere. Very heavy losses again. No one ever seems to know what has happened in these fights. The unavoidable muddle is awful. Spent the night at Bettleheim's. Heard that Cane Liason Officer has been badly wounded

Wednesday July I4th
Went and saw General Street who gave me a summary of the operations up to date. Found him and all the Staff very weary. He said 'I hope we | shall have a rest now for a bit' Casualties above five thousand and results almost nil. Returned to Imbros on the 12

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