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Friday August I3th
At Imbros writing dispatches. Nevinson visited G.H.Q and reported great trouble there over the failure of the operations. There are likely to be some important changes in the Corps commands. Lawrence turned up and confirmed the news of the failures of the attacks on Achi Baba. All round the situation is about as black as it could be. The losses are reported to be colossal and the Colonial Troops absolutely fought to a standstill. There is great trouble about our messages as no one seems to know what ought to be allowed through and what ought not. In the afternoon we tried to return to Anafarta but the promised Trawler never turned up.

Saturday August I4th
Left at seven am for Anafarta. Trawler was however grea ly delayed and did not reach there until 11am. We wenr ashore and pitched out tent overlooking the sea on West Beach A. Found the Fleet had been driven out to see by the enemy's shell fire and that the Swiftsure had been hit several times losing six killed and seven wounded. Found the enemy had brought p several fresh guns and had been shelling A Beach with a great 8 inch High Explosive Shell. They drop shells in the gullies behind but up to the present have not got the beach itself although two big ones fell in the water. Otherwise the situation has not changed and our line is no farther foward than it was the evening of the landing. There are now nearly four Divisions ashore here. The whole story is a pitiful muddle. Went up to the Hills on the left in the afternoon and had a good view of the surrounding country. Except I for the shell fire all was quiet. On way back called on Staff of 10th

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