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from the cable ship off Cape Helles. I therefore set out in a pinnace to see what I could do, but on arriving at the Euryalus I met with very little encouragement as they said they knew of no boat leaving that evening or even the following day. They told me to go on board the cable ship and find out if the R.T.P. had been arranged from Athens and Alexandria and Malta. I therefore went and saw Mr Cockerill, who was very agreeable and gave me the required information. He told me that Lawrence had been wandering aimlessly about, also not knowing what to do with his despatches. I therefore decided to leave the whole matter in the hands of Allah, and as I was very weary to make my way on board the battleship "Implcable" which had been assigned to me by Keyes, as my new home.

He had promised to make a signal to say I was coming, but on my arrival on board, the signal had not been received. It was now a little past eight and I was taken down to the Wardroom, where I found a very convivial gathering. An old grey-haired man with clean shaven face, rather short and stout was sitting at the head of the table surrounded by a group of younger officers, and all were drinking port; the officer of the watch took me in to introduce me to the Captain, whom I discovered to be the short jovial man of whom I have already spoken. On hearing my name he said "Are you a bloody Lord?" I said "No my names is Ashmead-Bartlett". So he said "Oh I thought he said you were a lord". I then explained that I had been sent by Commodore Keyes to take up a temporary abode on his ship, and that he had promised to signal to say I was coming. He replied "Well sit down make your self at home, Have you dined?" to which I replied "No". He then ordered dinner and a whiskey and soda, and then made me drink three or four glasses of port with him.

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