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for Cape Helles. As usual there were great delays in starting but we finally reached our destination at 9-30. On going ashore the first person I met was old Bettleheim who looked more sunburnt and ferocious than ever.We had a long talk and he told me many things that had happened since my absence. Everyone is now living in Bombproofs on W and V beaches as since the withdrawl of the warships the Asiatic batteries have been very active. In one day theu dropped 180 shells on W beach but with very poor results as everyo man and animal seemed to be protected by a Divine Providence that day.

I then went and saw General Hunter Weston with whom I had a long talk. He also looks older and worried but is still full of fight and confidence. He is still determined to take Achi Baba which he announced was to be taken the day of the landing. Three months have passed since then and Achi Baba still frowns defiantly down on us. He told me there would be a big attack on the following day to try and push forward the left wing along the coast. He explained in his usual friendly manner all his dispositions. I met several old friends on W beach including Major Howell Jones Captain Carter and others. I lunched there and returned to Imbros by the four o1clock Trawler and went on board the Exmouth to instruct Brooks in the use of the Cenemetograph.

Monday June 28th
The boats were delayed this morning but finally Colonel Sykes and myself got across to Cape Helles at 10 o'clock. There I found Bettleheim fuming at my late arrival. We mounted our horses and rode to Gully Beach and from there made our way up the famous Gully to try and

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