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dreams of victory were still capable of attainement. We sat three working out a fresh plan of campaign until three am when I finally left him restored to perfect good humour and looking more his old self again. I said to him 'You need have nothing to fear for your reputation in the futute because all the errors in carrying it out will be forgotten immediately in the immensity of the achievement' He agreed with me and added 'We must see the expedition is carried through. I will arrange for you to see the Prime Minister to-morrow and will be present myself. The paramount interests of England and her Allies depend on our taking Constantinople with a minimum of delay. It is your duty to assist this in every way in your power. You must hold yourself in readyness to be at my disposition to-morrow. Bidding this strange individual farewell I wended my way back to the Carlton Hotel to snatch a few hours sleep before commencing another even more strenous day.

Friday June 11 th
I was kept very busy all the morning having to see Harry Lawson and do a multitude of other things. At one'clock I received a message from Winston to go down at once to Downing Street to meet him and the Prime Minister. On repairing there I was admitted into the Council Room where I found the Prime Minister Asquith and Mac'Kenna. I was introduced to the latter who then left. Mr Asquith received me in a very friendly manner and having produced his maps we went over the situation in detail with him on the plan we had worked out the previous night. He took in all the points very readily and expressed himself strongly in favour of an effort at Enos or Bulair. He said 'It seems to be the

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