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Wednesday June 9th
Again I was rushed almost to death all day. I made a desperate effort to collect some kit togther and to order other thins I required for my new departure. In the morning I had to go and see Harry Lawson and then I think lunched at the Carlton with Gina but had to leave immediately afterwards to attend the meeting of the newspapers Proprietors Association to which I had been invited as they wished to thank me for my services. This was held at their offices in Fleet Street . On entering I found about twenty people sittin round a table presided over by Harry Lawson wh made a speech thanking me in kindly terms for the work I had done whilst out at the Dardanelles. I then got up and made a reply in which I intimated that an increase of salary would be an acceptable recognition of my work and the various perils I had undergone on their behalf. This was considered and then referred for future consideration.

We tyen discussed various other points to do with the service and with cabling. This having been accomplished I made them adieu and retired to see Hughes Massie on various questions. At this meeting he first broached the idea of my taking out a Cenemetograph. I was struck with his suggestion but there seemed great difficulties in the way. In the afternoon I did a thousand thins and managed to run down home to pay a short visit. I also saw Edna who discussed her approaching marriage which I do not think will ever come off. In fact I think she will make a great mistake if she does marry this particular man as apparently he has little money and how the Devil she would live on little I cant conceive. I went and had tea with Lady Cunard and there met Mrs Horner and the Duchess of Rutland . They tried to feet me to talk but

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