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French, while we held the left and centre. I went on board the "River Clyde" and met Captain Unwin who gave me a first hand account of what had happened. In fact my getting the best people on each beach to describe what had happened to them, I was able to visualise the whole situation and thus to write a long account of these events, which were subsequently largely spoilt by the authorities at home, who insisted upon taking out the names of all the regiments, which is like trying to paint a picture with only one colour in it. I returned to the "Implacable " in the evening.

Saturday May 1st.
I stayed on board most of the day until I got my account finished, and I then took it on the "Queen Elizabeth" where I saw Commodore Keyes, who promised to have it censored and sent off as soon as possible. I then went on board "The Arcadian" and had a talk with Sir Ian Hamilton and his Chief of Staff, Braithwaite, who had his arm in a sling as the result of being inoculated against small pox. Sir Ian Hamilton spoke very freely of the campaign and of the difficulties he was up against and he declared that the Turks were in far stronger force than had been anticipated. He spoke very highly of the troops, and of the splendid manner in which they had fought. It was then told me that in future all despatches relating to the movements of the Army would have to be censored on board the "Arcadian" and not on "Queen Elizabeth". At the same time a pass was given to me signed by the Provost Marshal, which would enable me to go anywhere I liked. I then went and saw Maxwell and had a talk with him, and he promised me to censor my stuff in the same manner

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