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This was my first introduction to the famous Captain Tubby Lockyer, one of the best known characters in the Navy, He is a Captain who dined in the Wardroom every night and who decline to live like a hermit in his own mansion of the ship. He is a tremendous man for sitting up, and your only chance of ever getting to bed is to sneak away quietly without saying "Good-bye" otherwise" you are certain to be collared for just one more. This being my first evening on board, and not knowiig his ways I got myself really let in, and it was 3 o'clock before I could get off to bed, having had far more to drink than was good for me. Instructions had meanwhile come on board about me, and my position was thus assured. The Commander of the "Implacable" was a very agreeable man called [Pitou?], a brother of the well known Professor of that name who had distinguished himself by some rather pro-German utteraces during the war.

Friday April 30th
I woke up with an extremely bad head this morning, but decided to go ashore in the first available boat, and to make a complete tour of all the beaches. I landed at X Beach and worked my way along to W and V. While I have already written a full description of these beaches, and so therefore will not repeat it here. Everywhere were evidences of a desperate struggle that had taken place for that position. The desperate nature of the whole undertaking was clearly shown by an examination of the enemy's works and only the magnificent courage of the 29th Division enabled us to get ashore at all. Our line was now about two miles inland streching from the gully ravine in front of Chrythia to Cox Battery on the Dardanelles. The right of the line was now held by the

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