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ious liner having comfortable meals and a clean bed to sleep in. That night we all slept once more on board her,

Monday August 9th Sunday Aug 8th
It became evident this morning that the attack had been hung up. There was little movement along the front and our warn out troops seemed to have no intention of advancing but only the ambition to lie quietly amongst the trees and in the hedges and allow themselves to be sniped by the Turks. We could see crowds of wounded coming back from the firing line showing that once again the casualties had been very heavy. It did not seem as if we would be able to get ashore to-day but about I2 pm Radcliffe who had been off in a pinnace to visit the Headquarters of the 9th Corps which is commanded by General Sir Francis Stopford who was Buller's Chief of Staff at Colenso took us at a moment's notice to A Beach.

Here I sat down and finished my dispatches which Radcliffe took back with him to Imbros when he sailed later in the day. Nevinson and self walked right round the west side of the lake to the Hill of Lala Babab from which we had a good view of the front but apparently there was no movement of any kind. Here we met many members of the staff of the 11th Division which is commanded by Major General Hammersley who is a Dug Out from somewhere. Already it was apperent something was wrong. Nasty rumours began to circulate that the troops could not be induced to advance and that in consecquence the losses amonsgt officers had been unduly heavy. Water is so scare that the unfortunate men are dead beat abd weighed down by their kits can only lie down and think over happier days. It is quite evident the whole affair has been a ghastly failure. God Knows what will happen.

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