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across the room, but I pretended not to see him, and as I left before he did we avoided a meeting, which could only have been unpleasant for both. I then went around to settle up matters with B.C. and afterwards went to the Palace Theatre to pick up Gina

Thursday December 23rd
With the utmost difficulty I managed to pack up and reach Euston at noon accompanied by Gina, Fenton, my brother George who has not yet recovered fromhis wounds receive at Neuve Chapelle and Nevin Tait, who had all come to see me off. Candler, Berin's manager came as far as Liverpool. Embarked at 5 p.m. on the SS "Baltic". She only carried 58 First Class passengers. We sailed at 6 p.m. but anchored in the Mersey until 8 pm.

Friday December 24th
We took the NorthCoast of Ireland route, as this is supposed to be safer against submarine attack.
Saturday December 25th to
Friday December 31st
At sea in the "Baltic". A very calm passage. She is as steady as a rock, but there is noone of any interest on board.

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