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This news was received with the wildest joy by every officer and man, for now we saw the chance of having a scrap with the forts at the Narrows, the first engagement since the battle of 18th of March and of thus avenging the comrades who had fallen in that battle. The good news made everyone in the Wardroom very gay, and cocktails flowed freely, before dinner, which was also a lively repast. Our Captain, being the senior Naval Officer on the two battleships was in charge of the operation, and the "Prince of Wales" was placed under his orders. We all turned in in a good humour with ourselves, and life in general.
      Monday April 12 th.
      We got up at the usual time, and after breakfast the ship was cleared for action, and we made for the entrance to the Straits, with the destroyer in front, and the "Prince of Wales" astern. (For an account of what happened see elsewhere) For the remainder of the day and that night, we lay off the Straits.
      Tuesday April 13th
      We were relieved at noon by two other battleships, and returned to Tenedos, and received orders to sail the same afternoon for Mudros Bay, where we arrived just before dark, and took up an anchorage, in which we remained for the next two weeks.
      Wednesday April 14th to
      Tuesday April 20th
      As these days were spent in Mudros I shall write a collective account of various incidents that occured in connection with the start of the expedition. By this time I had written several articles, and my first step was to get them on board the

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