Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 4

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[Note: this transcription has been automatically generated from a typed document and may contain typographical errors.      The volume contains:
- Correspondence related to the purchase of the papers by the Library of New South Wales.
- Ashmead Bartlett's Gallipoli diary from 25 March 1915 to 31 December 1915. Page 8.
- Review of the Situation in Gallipoli. Page 217.
- Memorandum on the Situation in Gallipoli. Page 237.
- Letter to Mr Herbert Asquith, British Prime Minister. Page 245.]

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Correspondence and records of the negotiations for the purchase of these papers are in     records in the Principal Librarian's Office, indexed as No. 16/360
The Public Library Of New South Wales,
Sydney, 3rd July 1917.
(To be attached to the Bartlett Papers)
Besides the papers in this bundle there are due from Bartlett the originals of his cables from the Dardanelles, between March and October, 1915. These originals have been paid for in the general account, and Angus & Robertson's agent, in London - Mr. George - has an order from Bartlett addressed to the Manager of the Eastern Telegraph Company, asking him to hand over to Mr. George these documents on the termination of the War.
      The papers in our Records also show copies of letters from Bartlett to the Postmaster General and a reply thereon that the documents will be kept by the Manager of the Eastern Telegraph Company and handed over at the proper time. I wrote to Angus and Robertson to-day, reminding them that 'these documents are still due and asking them to remind their agent in London so that he would not overlook it.

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