Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 138

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He was entensely unpopular with all ranks outside his own personal Staff and I am not even sure he was liked by thEm, I took a great number of Cinemetograph pictures which was the chief object of my excursion. We returned to lunch with Wayley who is a very good fellow. We then went back to V Beach and I took some more pictures there. V Beach is now used exclusively for landing troops both English and French whilst Lancashire Landing is reserved for supplies.

Sunday August 1st
The car again came down for us and took us out to Gully Beach. Here Colonel Percival kindly lent us three horses and we road up to the top of the Gully. Here I took some splendid pictures but unfortunately only had a little film left so I shall have to do that part of the position again. The Turks have constructed a new series of trenches in our immediate front since their defeat of June 28th. They look immensely strong and I am afraid we shall loose a vast number of officers and men when we come to take them. I hear we have now far more ammunition on the peninsula than we have ever had before.

The Turks seem to have worked like bees during the last few weeks. They evidently mean to make a desperate resistance and are frightened of their right flank. It is very dangerous going up the Gully as the enemy can snipe down it and also plaster it with shrapnel from time to time. We have erected screens to protect our men going up and down but many are hit. On our way back we saw General de Lisle for a minute but he will not talk as apparently he got into trouble for talking before. The G S have in fact thought it necessary to warn Generals not to talk to War Correspondents. Another petty way of annoying us. We lunched with

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