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than to see this mass of men arrive full of life and hope and joy and to know that within a few weeks the majority will be under the soil or else mutilated beyond recognition or hope of recovery and if only slightly injured placed on some neighbouring island until they are well enough to be led to the slaughter once again.

Monday July 26th
At Imbros. In the afternoon I went on board the Raglan and met by old friend Melvil Ward who has come out on this new monitor. He introduced me to his Captain Raiked with whom I had a long talk. I dined on board with Melvil and Commander Calligan the son of the Admiral was there as well. We had a very pleasant evening listening to Gramaphone records. I left in calligan's boat at midnight and he took me to his ship where he really let himself go. He told the me the manner in which his father had been dismissed by Winston.

He went to see him at the Admiralty for a final consultation on the outbreak of war and the final plans for the fleet were discussed. Winston then accompanied the Admiral to Euston and these were his final words. 'You understand your instructions Admiral, Jellicoe will come up to-morrow as second in command. You know he is a good man and a worthy second to you'. Calligan went up to Scarpa Flow and went on board his Flagship. On the following day Jellicoe arrived and the two Admirals discussed their plans. In the middle of this interview a wireless was received by the whole Fleet stating that Jellicoe had been appointed commander in Chief. Imagine Calligan's feelings. Jellicoe pretended to be very much surprised and sent oit confirmatory signals to the Admiralty. The news was then confirmed, in this manner was the man who had trained the

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