Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 184

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would give me no answer to this but said it had been seized off him on his arrival at Marseilles' I then asked if the Prime Minister had ever received it 'This seemed to take him by surprise and after hesitating for a moment he said. 'I do not know' I saw from a few quesyions I put that he had no conception of the contents of the letter and in fact if it had been seized off Murdoch at Marseilles there would have been no time for it to have come back . He then said 'As you have again broken the rules of the censorship you will no longer be allowed to stay with the army and must sever your connection with it at once and return home. I suppose he imagined this would be a knock out blow to me and he was greatly taken back when I jumped up and said 'I am delighted May I return at once I have long been anxious to be relieved of my post and have in fact applied to the N.P.A to be allowed to return'

After a few more words it was agreed that I should leave as soon as possible as soon in fact as I could conveniently get ready. For the first time for days I felt in high spirits. Colonel Tyrrell expressed his regret. I said Good Bye to a few officers and then left G.H.Q for ever without a single regret. Never have I seen such a collextion of mediocre minds chronic muddlers and such an atmosphere of pettey jealousies and intrigue. I arrived back at my camp to communicate the news to the others. All were genuinely upset at my departure. Poor devils. They will have a poor time now that I have gone. At least I have fought for their rights and but for me they would have been completely crushed beneath the iron heel. Nevinsonnat once expressed his intention of returning with me provided he could obtain the necessary leave. I have a certain

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