Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 238

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of doubtful utility, Therefore, even with the Kilid Bahr plateau in our possession, we shall have to tackle the longer reach of waters beyond. Therefore, any operation limited in their objective to the seizure of the Kilid Bahr Plateau can lead to no decisive results. They will merely carry us a certain distance forward and enable us to make a fresh survey of the further task ahead. At the present time our operations both from the Southern Gallipoli and from the Anzac positions are being directed towards the obtainment of this limited objective, which will not open the gate to Constantinople.

Anzac Position.
Neither is there even a reasonable prospect of their succeeding. The Australians at Anzac hold the most extraordinary position in which an army has ever found itself, clinging as they are to the face of the cliffs. Roughly the position consists of two semi-circles of hills, the outer higher than the inner. They are extremely well entrenched and cannot be driven from their position by artillery fire or legitimate attacks, as was shown in the utter failure of the Turks on May 18th and 19th. But a successful use of gas might render their position precarious. The Turks are entrenched up to their necks all round them. Towards the north they are on higher ground, but towards the south on lower, and in one place they hold ground which cuts right into our outer line and enables them to snipe right down Shrapnel Valley. The Australians cannot advance as any attempt at a general attack would

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