letters to you. I said you had recd but one he is doing well. he is rather afraid of being found at by some of his Engh acquaintances he tried the diggings. We are quite well
Give my kindest love to all friends [indecipherable]
And believe me my dr F. & M.
Yr. truly Affec. son Jno

In my last I asked you to direct my future letters until further advice to Mr Jas Brown Mr H. Youngs Store Merchants ic Market Strt Melb
Write me a long alet of the doings for I feel rather anxious to hear something of you all

Jan 25 letters were too late to go. Yesterday think you would like to see gold of the [indecipherable] I opened the letter & have enclosed a small specimen of [indecipherable] from our first sink. Wet work, [indecipherable] hundred buckets of water drawn out every day to keep the water down or we could not work at all there is one letter [indecipherable] the Gold which came later from the top of a hill - that taken from the rocker where we worked [indecipherable] we washed Robt & myself have usually [indecipherable] been my partner - this week Davy is with me we are [indecipherable] sink a good sign good soil something like leather between 2 hills seen [indecipherable]

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