distance completely Cloud capped, covered with snow -
This portion of the country is really beautiful but I can assure you that during the last months I have had to make my way through some that is perfectly fearful - the roughness of [it?] would defy description and  it would quite impossible for you to form an [opinion is crossed out] idea
Imagine a large tract of country of huge [ranges is crossed out] broken mountain Ranges, each Range throwing off an endless number of huge Ridges or spurs narrow on the top - rising and falling in steep pinnacles - each main spur throwing off other huge Ridges in all directions - The sides of each Ridge sloping down at an angle somewhere between 60 & 90º to an immense depth forming a huge valley [words crossed out] - the whole covered with timber [word crossed out] high dense tangled scrub [word crossed out] fallen trees, and many portions with large masses of Rock, and nothing in the shape of grass

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