Racing along at a terrific rate - last Sat night was  at times the  most grand scene - only the watch to myself on deck - she was pitching most fearfully - the waves rolling up on each side of her as high as the poop guard ropes - each one seeming as if it must roll completely over (?) her up from the phosphorescent light - she seemed to be flying thro a bed of fire - it was indeed splendid - If I had been all right I should have enjoyed it - the (?) used to chaff me at first but latterly they quite suited me. The Saty night 3rd (?) the mate dragged me into the round house (?ked) me up right against (?) chests - The 2nd mate came in other(?) 4 the Mony - (?) the doctor & tried (?) see what he could do - His was the   (?) from care - Making me drink a tumbler full - It was no use (?) - he swore like a Trojan and down went the (?)   -   I was afraid he would persist making me try his pipe - The next day most strange to say - I was coming (?) again - & he is quite proud of his case & we are becoming quite good chums now - he sometimes makes me turn up & join him on his watch. It's of no use saying no to him for he is such a fearfully powerful fellow that he can take  me up in his arms as he would a child & walk off with me & the worst is, he would too - Robt, Woods & myself were with him on the quarter deck last night until 12 while he gave us some of long(?) shore

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