is ? of him by any of the other residents. 
We often have a civil growl, i am quite sure
? ushers me out of the way but at the same time
would wish me to remain for i believe he fully
appreciates my services as i am about the only one
of his subs he can send away on work that he would
otherwise have to go and do himself. The real fact
is i have to do assistant Engineer duty  for overseers
pay then ? being up tp surveying and 
having a thorough knowledge of the bush and the
District generally, why as he is deficient of these
matters. I have him at ? own price as all  things ?
needed ? and this touches his dignity ?
? He will of course find the difference when
i leave for all the other subs are strangers and little
better than than copying clerks, for there is not one who
knows the right end of a ? Theodolite or 
anything else. On this account i am always away at
some little ? ? and ? hunting.
Now this neighbourhood is a ? of the 
? in which i use ? spend some portion of
my time ? is but a succession of Ranges Swamps 
broken gullies without an acre of good or clear 

Current Status: 
Ready for review