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During the past month  -  April  -  I was employed principally Surveying features [?} portions of Roads, Rivers  etc taking men and pack horse with Blankets & about a week's provisions camping out near the end of each day's work.  Chained and plotted about 60 miles. Sir H Barkly Governor of Victoria visited Gippsland recently .  Next [indecipherable] attended [?]
his level I was introduced to met [meet] him and his Aide de Camp at [?] houses - Accompanied his Excellency with three or four Gents. [gentlemen] to Omeo and back -  He travelled about greeting quietly  - Attended only by his Aide & servant & He assumed not the slightest authority but used to talk as famly [familiarly?] as possible.  We of course had a general invite to his table - He was delighted with some of the Visits & what he might do for them we [indecipherable]
He made a most favorable [favourable] impression and was evidently much pleased with his reception - receiving attention without being bored -
I am most pleased he came up to this part as it and it gave him an idea of what sort of country it is - in wh. [which] I am employed and although [words crossed out] he has nothing to do with the working of the

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