to my other work, to the survey, the mark and cut up into lots, an old awkward shaped Special Survey of more than Five thousand acres } 8sqre miles  - it was laid of more than 12 years ago -  The starting point as well as the boundaries were all uncertain - many running through densely scrubby and swampy country - on fire perhaps in the summer & under water in winter. Time & local changes had destroyed almost all the marks - The land immediately surrounding being sold altho but little taken up, and where it was occupied the fences were almost in-variably wrong - but generally the land was in the hands of speculators, who would purchase at the Corr [?] sales without taking any further trouble in the matter - Many of the Allotments also within the Survey itself were also sold - and it was as you may well imagine a most difficult ticklish job - having to arrange and settle long standing disputes & questions relative to boundaries, to meet other surveyors on the subject, and give each person his block both in quantity and position as originally laid

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