but the rates are useful as a means of advertising = Certainly much could not be expected for I don't suppose Gippsland contains 2000 in habitants altogether.

Government is now laying out Townships in various places & cutting up and throwing plenty of land onto the market.

In this neighbourhood are old established Townships Govt and private  Port-Albert, Taraville, Alberton & Victoria. There is great rivalship between Alberton Victoria and the other townships  The Tara & u/c Country people stick up for Port Albert the Albertonians for a port in their direction = As private individuals they are alright but in public affairs at daggers drawn - if anything is advanced at one place it is sufficient reason for the other to oppose it = but the Albertonians are in the Minority = which makes them "mortal savage" = it is often most amusing = I tell them it's a Capital job for me, for if one place commences erecting a Church School &c the other is sure to try hard to get up a similar & better building of their own in opposition = Am often over and never by any chance fail to get their bristles up by explaining something proposed to be carried on the other side - within a week of my advertising for Tenders for the erection of Schools at Tara I was consulted about getting up some at Alberton = fancy me giving them a quiet poke in a sore place & cooly smiling & rubbing my hands over it = FINE FUN=

So Geo Parron has made up his mind to return had entirely lost sight him for some time = at the Snook 2 or 3 letters did not get any answer,

By the time you'll get this the News of the Govs death will have reached Eng. I do not think any one regrets him = They say a bad un Go & won't come if that will be the Case - he'll be a [indecipherable]

Well my Dr. Parents I've no News to tell you let me have yr. Answer as soon as you can as to what you advise me to do for I want to make up my mind say something = if I decide to come back shall arrange for so doing with as little delay possible - but should I see a chance by remaining a few months longer if making a lot of money to return with it is probable I may do so. Must now draw to a conclusion with kindest love to the relations  Regards  Remembsto all friends who kindly remember me i need not mention names

[indecipherable] me my Dr. Father & Mother
Yr Affec [incechiperable]

Current Status: 
Ready for review