sort? can I do any good for myself is there really a good chance , Am perfectly aware [?] shall have always to work for my living here or there . Tis no use to think of saving much money one must be satisfied without that. The answer to the packet shall decide me if any return is allowed upon Good grounds why mizzles' the word. I shall feel unsettled now until I know my course
Thank Geo. for his note tell him I will write to him next time. Also to all fro[indecipherable] to whom I am in debt  So my [indecipherable] earnest sincere makes for yr. advancement [indecipherable] with kind love to you & Sara
[indecipherable] Yr Afec Bro

to hear as
And use
the [indecipherable]
up onshore
chance of do
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for being
Am very the
well my [indecipherable]

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Ready for review