January 6th 1864

My dear Nabs

You must not put me down as unkind for not writing another Want of time and opportunity is the cause, not neglect. Nell old chap are rather anxious to hear how you are getting on - not Spliced yet - Don't you be in a hurry Nabs - theres time enough - get things right first - and when once started  - persevere steadily like a brick > A single Chap has only himself to consider, and should be able to make his own way surely - but with others dependt upon him the case is very different - He ought not then to think of himself but those who are dependt upon him = Well old fellow, Im not going to give you a long lecture, You must know your own mind and affairs best - I can only earnestly hope & trust you may be happy to [indecipherable], and get on in the world =

You press me rather earnestly & strongly to return = but having gone into the matter in my last need not go into detail again now - shall wait the answers from home before deciding, for my next step will be an all important one for me and ought not to be taken  without some little consideration = Am perfectly willing to do as you propose, if it can  really be advised & you must not go off with the notion that I'm on the verge  of starvation I can get on here I don't doubt but in that case this Country must be my home for the next 15 or 20 yrs  Can assure you that am getting very anxious to see my way clear and settle steadily down to some decided course of business - Am heartily tired of "Shilly Shallying" humbugging changing and knocking about Am not a Chicken now - Don't want to waste and foolishly throw away time now and be obliged to work when Old Cannot say what I might do if I remained out here = that in a measure depends upon upon the advance of the district But say perhaps at the end of 2 or 3 years my business [indecipherable] about £300 [indecipherable] per Annum perhaps more - As you may very naturally suppose I do not wish to remain always as I am may have certain other views, I might wish to carry out who can tell!. However think enough has been said on the matter you no doubt can understand all I mean if I do come back I want to have a chance of getting on - A clerk billet at £1/7 per week and worked to death into the Bargain wouldn't do at all - But let me see there's a good fair chance and I'm ready to try it. Don't [indecipherable] to throw away

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