Yaraville  No 20

January 7th  1864

My Ur Parker & Mrs

I have with much pleasure I received yrs of Septr [indecipherable] informing all were well &c &c

Was truely & deeply grieved as mentioned in my last to hear of the death of poor Grandm and in such a melancholic [indecipherable] too - could hardly think it true - little did I imagine, the doubts she used to express relative to my seeing her again would prove true was indeed [indecipherable] must miss her very much. Am afraid that even during my short absence many many sad changes have taken place. How rapidly the Years [indecipherable] am now commencing my fourth in the Colony. It almost startles me when I think how time flies, and how old Im growing.

Soblett tells me in his [indecipherable] about making a qual changes; Nell I most earnestly hope and trust he may succeed in his undertaking.

You all [indecipherable] strongly urge my return - Do you really advise it Do you think I may get on tolerably well?

A situated about the same as when I last wrote but feel very very unsettled Letters from home quite puzzle me, Don't know what to do for the best. (Im in practice for myself as Architect Surveyor) (Establishing oneself of course uphill work but have surmounted the worst part. My work is gradually increasing, and I do think that by energy, perseverance and a little judicious expenditure I could eventually render my business a very good one and gradually work myself into a position here.

Knowing the uncertainty of my movements have not pushed ahead as [indecipherable] should have done. I have not solicited a single job, all comes to me. Thinking I might soon throw throw up anything was of course anxious not to be or involve myself too much in case I might leave and on the other hand do not wish to throw away chances I could lay hold of A District Road Board is about to be formed the


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