be back again in less than a week and during that time shall have travelled a dist.ce [distance] of bet.n [between] 200 & 300 miles but not on the same horse tho' [though]
Enclosed a rough lithograph of the first Township I laid out for the Govt [Government] it is but a slight sketch of the principal parts and features of [indecipherable] and shews [shows] but very little of the work executed -  [?] very easy [word crossed out] simple and straight forw.d [forward] on the paper but you would form a very diff.t [different] opinion if on[?] the ground. The greater part of the country being deeply [?] timbered -  Lots of heavy scrub & very high steep hills and steep gullies - and to improve matters The whole [indecipheable] 2 & 3 feet under water - it is [?] some little [trouble?] to form a conset[?]  idea of the Country to be a [?] decide upon the best plan of laying out the ground as well as the course to be adopted in carry.g [carrying] out the survey - everyth.g [everything] has to be measured & lots of references taken - reasons given for all that is done.  Farm Allots. [allotments]  all trenched out - Trees marked - posts [ ?] etc etc

I heard from Robt [Robert] a few days ago, he was all right, and still on the [indecipherable] of the Diggings -


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