at loggerheads on the subject the Upper won't pass the one [indecipherable] by the Lower, objecting to many of of the main features  -  it is very doubtful to me if they will be able to carry anything much different to the present regulations for the next Three or four years, there is always tremendous fighting about it.   Some of the [indecipherable] are now than warm being almost abusive - but this is of course the natural result of having such men as some of them are in parliament.  Things are so managed out here that very few of those individuals who are suited by position
and education for representatives Will have anything to do with [?] this Matter -  There is one [?] Stone Mason [a Mcdon[ald] who works at this trade by day and legislates for the country at night, but he is far from being the Worst he was put in by his fellow workmen in Melbourne of course.  As you may suppose some of them gather the greatest nonsense imaginable.
I have very little to write about or tell you this, most as 
nothing particular has occurred with the exception of the delivery of the blessed Contract Survey Circular

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