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No doubt  -  it is a very great question if the romance of the thing does at soon [?]  for instance -  after working here and digging postholes for month under a hot sun  - or the Wife a month's [?][step?] washing or some other such light work.   Do not suppose I am saying Aught against Young Ladies - Bless their dear little hearts, not  but I would very down the folly of bringing out any Well brot [brought] up, out to this Colony to rough it, they may think they wouldn't mind it, and that they would be able to manage  -  It's all nonsense  -  the chances are they would mind it and very soon too - and tht. [that] they wouldn't be able to manage at all to their satisfaction - Love in a Cottage may read very well - but Love in a Tent Hard up is not a very enviable situat.n. [situation] if chaps without means and prospects or friends to push them on must get spliced before they come away, let them marry some strong strapping servant girl, one that can stand any amount of hard work etc and take a situation as well as her husband, people coming out here are little young bears - they
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