Attriveda [Atriveda] 132 ft keel             { Ship rigged 23 hands
Fore Rake           14                              {   Captain Shearer of
Stern Rake          8                                 { Caledonian Lodge                                                                                           Dundee
Beam -                                 27.8  [transcribers note - 4 pages -one upon the other, partly obscured-this entry the page]]

Pre (?) Nº 1                                                                               Sep 12. 1852         [this heading, all that can be seen of the second page]

My Dr. [dear]Nabs 

We kept our eyes upon you until the boat reached the shore when you were lost to our view. Nor could I catch a glimpse of you again even with the glass - We could distinguish a party waving a hanky for some time but we could not make out that it was you. Hope you had no difficulty in Town with respect to your Lodging and journey home=
Suppose you saw us start - We are ploughing along now with a splendid breeze - our vessel has already exhibited her superior sailing qualities= Sheerness is passed.                                                                                                                                 Your  af   [transcribers note- & top page, torn across the bottom of page]


giving [obscured] ..s on the poop on which  [transcribers note - bottom of page 2 - seen under the torn part of page 1]

[3.rd page completely obscured]



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