Ladies land[?]

bring them up for them  -  There are some very funny queer little tales connected with some of these marriages, generally neither lady or gent.n [gentleman] are at all fastidious or particular after the ceremony. There is what is termed a good spree, or being interpreted means every one gets [?] [mental?] or in other words groggy, after which there is no accounting for what may take place.
There is an immense quantity of spirits consumed in this country. This Drink is a frightful curse -
I trust you received my letter containing a list and description of some instruments. wh [which] I very much require.  you will not consider me troublesome, but not having any other means of obtaining them I was obliged to have recource [recourse?] to you Noth.g [nothing] of the kind worth having can be procured in Melb.  The Theodolite I am now using is a most rickety affair, and which very often puts me very much out of Temper, as well as give great additional work - I will take care to [?] as soon


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