Mr Gibson having resigned.  A Mr Rawlinson has been appointed in his stead  - He was formerly on the Conway Bridge
Having some time since as you are aware we  discovered a good line of Road over the mountains -to Omeo  -  He {Mr
Rawlinson wished to examine it so I also took him through  -  also over two other lines of Road which I have [word crossed out] discovered through other portions of the District  -  He expressed himself pleased with all and congratulated me on my success in the work -  He has decided to open them and has employed me temporarily as an assistant to take the sections for the Bridges on the Omeo Road  -  he is anxious to get Government to employ me again to find a new line overland to Melbourne  -  Am therefore almost hoping to obtain employment in the Roads & Bridges Department for which I have discovered time, but knowing the uncertainty of these things It wont do to be too Sanguine. 
Have had several long journeys lately which is the reason you have not heard earlier this month -

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