never received any instruction whatever, - acquiring my knowledge and information as I went on - it  was a hard up hill fight for some long period -  as well as a most difficult part to perform - being often brought in contact, and occasionally placed in opposition to professional men - it required my utmost endeavours, and I believe I am not wrong in saying I have come through well - having obtained the confidence of my employees  - and the high opinion of my chief in my present service  -  I am now chosen for a most responsible and ardous [arduous] task or duty viz. selecting and laying off main lines of Road through the upper portions of this District  -  Some of which will tax my abilities to the utmost   In consequence of being continually exploring and moving about it is the hardest, most expensive and necessarily the least best paying of all our work - but it is certainly most excellent practice and if successfull [successful] will fully establish me a good name -
The instruments came all right after, as you saw by my last, considerable delay but as you know all about it there is no necessity to go over

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