the matter again -
"Alls well that ends well" I am indeed most pleased to know Ablett & Sarah are happy comfortable etc[?] with a very good prospect of getting on in the world - was very fearful he had been rather premature - Do you think he was?  I cannot help at times feeling a little anxious on his account but trust it is without a cause - pray do let me hear again on this subject  - was at one time a little vexed he did not give me a few lines, but as I am fully understand how he most have been not feel serious - and I earnestly hope and trust he may fully realize [realise] all his best hopes and expectations.
It also gave me much pleasure to hear so good an account of John Mc. was somewhat surprised to find he was married etc [?] he is evidently in a good situation - with reference to his coming home, in my opinion my dear Mother,  it is about the worst step he can possibly take -supposing him to be in a good [word crossed out] position where he is, it would be a thousand pities to throw up his chance - you know well it is no easy task for a young man to get on in the world, particularly in England, and with

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