From all accounts of My little niece she must be a perfect beauty and a prodigy.  I was prepared to believe everything that could be said of her  - Ablett will most assuredly have to send one her portrait when she gets a little Older as I am most anxious to know what she is like - Babies generally have a [?] [adoring?] appearance since [?] altho [although] of course it is very different with her} [word crossed out] no individual Characteristics, the portrait of one would in 9 cases out of 10 do for another, unless the dear infant has a squint or some other such charming little peculiarity  =
You must form a very cosy looking family party now Father smoking his Hookah - You nursing the Baby - Ablett and Sarah - looking profound and important.
    Good night ....God bless you all -
                                  Jno [John]

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I have to thank someone for a [?] enclosed in the case.

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