department it can do no harm & it may do me some good, for I know some of my friends alluded to me favourably.   It was proposed by some that he should go over my new line of Road - but I knew that would never do to give him several days in the scrubs.
We certainly made some long and [?] journeys But I enjoyed the trip much it was a great relief to my present monotonous life.  A short time since I received invite to the Govnrs. [Governor's) Ball in Melbourne given on the Queen's Birthday.   It was of course known that I could not attend but sent as a matter of courtesy which of course is very pleasing.
Last Year I remitted you money for [?] forwarding Bill of Ex. [Bill of Exchange] in separate enclosures at diff. [different] periods.  The receipt of acknowledgement of which I have have [?] been hoping to receive [?]  what I entertain [word crossed out]  doubt on the subject[indecipherable]  still it will be satisfactory when you  sure attained it all right

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